11 questions with artist Maria Zaikina

The 11 Question Interview Series continues with Maria Zaikina sharing her thoughts on art and creativity. Learn more about  the artist and visit pivotartgallery to see her featured portfolio.

Landschaft mit Haus



1. Could you give us an idea about how you became interested in image making?

Both of my parents are artists, so I can’t really remember how i became interested in image making, perhaps I was born with this interest?



2. If you have artistic/creative role models, who are they and how do you relate to them?

Oh I have so many and they are different, I worship them.

3. What is most satisfying to you about the creative process?

Joy, if I were a music composer I would be creating hymns.

4. What do you learn through your work?

That beauty and god are large then I can reach.

5. You work in both painting and photography. What is it about these mediums specifically that you are drawn to? Do you favor one over the other? Do you work in other mediums?

I work in a different mediums, as for different ideas different mediums are suitable. Medium is important, but in the same time for the audience the impression they’ve got is more then medium.

You are My Sunshine


6. You often work in series, or variations on a theme. Are there specific reasons for this?

I live and work in a slow pace. I prefer to meditate about my subject for a long time. I’m used to looking at the subject from different points of view or contemplate on different subjects from one position. So my slow paced thinking concludes itself in series.



7. You have written of the importance of “…melancholic contemplation during a journey…” Could you expand on this?

Well I was talking about the way I think, a slow movement, a contemplation.

8. Though in a larger sense, most art can be seen this way, do you see your work as autobiographical?

Yes sure

9. How do you feel about the contemporary art world and your contribution to it?

I believe art should be beautiful, sublime and take you to a new level: make you better, no matter if you are looking at it or making it.

Landschaft mit Haus


10. What, if anything is the most important thing you want viewers to come away from your work with?

I would love to be able to give a viewer an ability to feel my work as I feel it, but i know it is impossible, I am myself not able to touch my work or anything else in the world with somebody’s else feelings.



11. What can you add that would help us understand you and/or your work better?

I would like to be able to see things as other people see them, or even better, to see them as they are seen from above.


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